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Quickie Jive M Powerchair

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Product Brand: Sunrise Medical
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The first time you experience a Quickie Jive it all becomes clear. Its a power wheelchair that effortlessly blends indoor agility with outdoor high performance. Available in 3 different wheelbase configurations known as the Jive-R, Jive-M and Jive-F. Take the Jive-M (mid wheel drive), it combines the best indoor agility with high levels of outdoor performance. With a turning axis of just 100 cm, manoeuvrability around the house is definitely not a problem. Fancy going outside? The Jive-M's SpiderTrac suspension makes ascending and descending from kerbs effortless. A gas dampener cushions impact on the castors ensuring not only super-smooth transitions, but also keeping you seated in a stable position. 

Batteries: Tested
Plastics: Very Good
Wheels: Very Good
Tyres: Very Good
Seat: Very Good
Overall: 8/10

Seat Width: 400mm - 560mm (40cm - 56cm)
Seat Height: 420mm - 480mm (42cm - 48cm)
Seat Depth: 400mm - 560mm (40cm - 56cm)
Backrest Height: 570mm - 700mm (57cm - 70cm)
Armrest Height: 180mm - 280mm (18cm - 28cm)
Overall Width: 620mm - 660mm (62cm - 66cm)
Overall Length: 1070mm - 1130mm (107cm - 113cm)
Speed: 6,10 and 13 kph
Battery Size: 60 Ah / 72 Ah
Max. Range: Approx 40 km
Seat Tilt: 0º- +30º / 0º -+ 50º
Back Recline: -10º -+ 40º
Turning Diameter: min. 560mm (min. 56cm)
Max. Safe Slope: 18%
Max Kerb Climb: 100mm (10cm)
Min. Wheelchair Weight: 115-187 kg
Max. User Weight: 160 kg (25.2 stone)
Colours: White, Red and Blue